When purpose meets preparedness,
goals meet results

*The Programme Offers Every Week Day Text Book Mapped Live Classes with Experienced teachers for 3 Months, Every Week Day 30 Mins Online Test, Doubt Clarification Session, Structured Revision Program, Unlimited access to Recorded Classes, Digital Contents and Model Papers


Term-II starts Jan 3rd till 31st Mar 2022

Just Rs. 2500/- per month*
All Inclusive for Maths and Science Subjects

*condition apply

The main features of the Anay Academy's & FastEdge Guided Preparation Programme

Based on New Exam Pattern 2021-22

India’s first Guided Preparation Programme is specially curated for grade 10 and 12 students according to the CBSE Board Term II Exam model.

Detailed Scorecard

Students can get a complete analysis of the subject wise marks in the scorecard after the Scheduled Online Test and Examination with Answers and Explanation

Live Class Rooms

Every weekday evening live Class from (6pm to 6:50 pm) with Experienced Teachers, Doubt clarification and Error Analysis through virtual class rooms to ensure perfect preparation much before the Term II Board Exams


What is special with Guided Preparation Programme?

When Purpose Meets Preparedness Goals Meet Results

Guided Preparation Programme for CBSE Grade 10 and 12 Term II examination - starting from 3rd January, 2022

  1. Comprehensive course for structured revision and remediation to target CBSE Board Examination.
  2. Anay Academy solutions, resources and study materials for core subjects – Mathematics and Science.
  3. Course provides access to all subject wise & topic wise Educational Videos & Learning Resources designed by scholars, skilled professionals & SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), through the Fast Edge e-Learning platform.
  4. The course shall also provide scheduled tests followed by examination to assess and analyze individual preparation and further facilitate Enrichment Sessions if required.
  1. All the Test and Examinations shall be conducted on the Fast Edge platform and shall offer CBSE Board modeled Assessment Pattern.
  2. Scheduled Live Sessions for Enrichment Classes , Doubt Clarification and Error Analysis shall be conducted by Subject Matter Experts and adept teachers through Zoom sessions.
  3. Enrolled students shall also have access to the recordings of the enrichment sessions with subject matter experts to revise the topics.
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Fastedge.ai, USA the only fastest growing Edtech company in India Offering Daily Online Tests for Term II exams for CBSE grade 10 & 12 students starting Jan 3rd till March 2022 for 3 months, which is one of its kind, shall run with a bare minimum cost of Rs 2500 all-inclusive for Maths and Science subjects per student and is inclusive of Unlimited Access to Recorded Classes, Digital Content, Conceptual Testsand Model Papers. Our program offers highly innovative experiential learning for scoring higher grades in upcoming Term II exams

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Frequently Asked Questions


Guided Preparation Programme is open to all students in CBSE Grade X and XII

Advantages to the Students

1. Evaluate their skills and identify critical areas for improvement in order to master the latest board examination format.

2. Analyze their knowledge of fundamental concepts.

3. Recognize where they are lacking in their preparation for the target examinations and work to resolve them.

4. Subject-by-subject results and growth points are shown on a scorecard.

Registration Fee

Guided Preparation Programme offered by Anay Academy & Fastedge.ai is open to all class X and XII students

The Programme is available for Maths and Science subjects for Students of Class X and XII

The Guided Preparation Programme Schedule Term II – Starts Jan 3rd till Mar 2022 and admission shall follow first come first serve structure for enrollment.


Just Rs.2500/-per month* All Inclusive for Maths and Science Subjects.

How to register/enroll/book the slot?

1. Register through Fastedge E-Learning website

2. Enroll/Register with your personal information and valid contact details.like Student Name, Date of Birth, School's Name , Correspondence Address , Mobile Number , Email Address, Parents Mobile No/Email Id

3. Payment Process - Gpay/Paytm/Bharat Pe

4. Welcome Email with Login Credentials

How to attend Anay Academy's Guided Preparation Programme?

Students Registered with Fastedge E-Learning Platform thru its Time Table feature will access every weekday evening live classes between 6pm to 6:50pm followed by the 30 Mins Scheduled Online Test Unless and until there are any changes to the schedule Live Classes timings the same will be updated in the platform.


CBSE Modelled Curriculum for Class X and XII 2021-22

Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

All the Online Test and Examination shall be conducted as per Scheduled Time Table and Reports generated will be modeled around CBSE Board Marking System.

Leverage OTT Technology for Better Learning

Fastedge e-learning platform revolutionizes the learning processes and Empower Students for Better Learning Experience and Results.